In the beginning, things were simple. We lived our lives to serve one another, journeying the eightfold path to better ourselves and our bùzú. We sequestered ourselves in the mountains, devoted to meditation and mastering the arts of man. On this path, we discovered Qi, the true origin of our vital life force & how it binds together all things. Armed with these his truths, we dedicated our lives enlightening mankind.

Our monks traveled the known world share their knowledge. Over time, a ripple, things started to change.

Communities once devastated by war and famine slowly began to heal. Through our practice, peace returns. The weak find the means to create their own power. Soon, slaves began to rise up and overthrow their masters. The once starving and defeated masses begin to gain

The once powerful slave lords scurry away like rats. It seemed a new age would overtake the world and finally grant power to the people that truly built it.

But the evil doesn’t run far. It lurks in the shadows, learning and twisting our teachings. Soon spies outnumber our monks, using what they’ve learned to regain what was lost. How could we know they could use our teachings against us? How did we not see the power that we unleashed?


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